What Are The Core Principles And Features Of Agile?

Main Features Of Agile

Many IT products development companies and software businesses experiment with Agile frameworks and processes such as Scrum and XP to improve upon their development process and avail higher investment returns. In many ways, Agile has become synonymous with software development and is rapidly emerging as the number one choice in terms of project development frameworks. Many project managers prefer Agile in lieu of other project development methodologies. The reasons are many. Certain features of Agile remain common to all Agile offshoots such as Scrum, XP, Kanban, etc.

It is worth knowing what the core tenets of Agile are:

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12 core principles of Agile

An overview of Agile development method

Twelve core principles define the Agile process:

  1. The topmost priority is to satisfy the customer requirements through the delivery of early and quick product releases – deliver valuable software on a consistent basis.
  2. Working releases of product features should be delivered frequently, ranging from a week to ten days, up to a maximum of one month.
  3. Progress should be measured of the basis of working software delivered to the client. Software is more important than its documentation.
  4. Changes should be welcomed, and incorporated into the product development cycle – even late during the development phase. The team should learn from the “inspect” and “adapt” principles and conѳtantly try to improve its working.
  5. The client and end users should work together through collaboration and collaborative processes … Read more>>>

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