Is Scrum a methodology?

Scrum – A methodology?

Scrum is an Agile based framework which can be easily applied in almost any type of project. Scrum, however, is most commonly used for software development, and is a very popular environment for developing wide-ranging software based products. The framework is ideally suited to project conditions where the product may undergo rapid changes, or may have highly emergent requirements.

Agile Scrum is fundamentally based upon three basic principles.

  • Product owners plan and decide what needs to be developed, or built, in the next couple of months or less. They plan the project, work out the project dynamics, and design a project process flow that is most suitable for their unique project related requirements.
  • The development team builds the product in stages through the sprint iteration cycles. At the end of each cycle, the PO and stakeholders verify that the development is OK. The team ensures that important product features are developed first, followed by less important ones.
  • Scrum masters make sure that the Scrum process is followed, and implemented properly. If the team faces any issues, technical or otherwise, the scrum master resolves the issues.
Scrum Process

Scrum Process

An overview about the Scrum Agile process

Project work in Scrum begins with the creation of a master list known as a product backlog. The product owner creates a list which contains all the features required to develop the product in totality. Once such a list is prepared, the actual Scrum process can begin. Scrum functions through repetitive iterations known as “sprints”. Each sprint traditionally extended from two weeks up to a month. However, Scrum has now evolved to last for seven to ten days owing to rapid project development requirements and dynamically changing market trends. Scrum development methods suggest that each sprint should begin with a short meeting, known as a daily scrum meeting, in which the entire team plans what it proposes to “do” on the particular “working” day.

The entire product is developed in short bursts of development activity known as sprints. The product is broken down into its constituent features, and each feature is developed as a user story in a sprint. Moreover, each feature, in the form of a user story, should be “successfully” developed such that it does not have any flaws or bugs. Each sprint, in short, should only produce “shippable” products.

Once the feature is developed, it has to be … Read more >>>

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